68 products

      68 products

      You will find lovely and personal-looking necklaces in our selection, whether you are looking for timeless elegance or striking design. The white classic pearl necklace is the savior of everyday life while the more colorful necklaces serves as a great part of a more personal look. Pearl necklaces are timeless and luxurious and suitable for both everyday and festive occasions. They are a perfect detail and an eye catcher in your outfit.
      As a rule, we use two standard dimensions in our necklaces, 45 cm and 90 cm in circumference. The most common jewelry materials we use are cultured freshwater pearls, seashell pearls, crystals and agate stones. The other materials include Sterling silver (s925), metal (nickel free) and stainless steel. Many of our necklace designs have an easy magnetic lock. All necklaces are knotted with silk thread with triple knots. 
      Our necklace is designed in Helsinki, Finland. Our jewelry is made by hand using high quality materials. In our selection you will find both long and short, classic and modern styles.
      Can't find what you're looking for? Contact us and we'll make a piece of jewelry just the way you want!