Our story

House of Elliott is a Finnish family business that designs and imports pearl jewelry. All of our jewelry is designed in Finland and handmade ethically by four jewelry manufacturers in Beijing. We handpick the pearls and other jewelry materials to ensure the highest quality possible. Our range consists of classic models with a modern twist.


House of Elliott jewelry is designed in Finland. The models are stylish and elegant, classics with a modern twist. We design jewelry for both everyday life and festive occasions; three price ranges from everyday jewelry to more unique models and fine jewelry.The high quality pearls are knotted by hand. We choose the cultured pearls and semi precious stones used in our jewelry.

I choose all the high quality cultured pearls and gemstones I need for my jewelry and every year I travel to find them in Singapore, Australia, USA, Hong Kong and China. It is very important to know what you are buying - and where.

Liisa Rantakari-Elliott

Our Story

Where did it all begin?

Even though we are a Finnish company, our roots are in Asia. The founder of House of Elliott, Liisa Rantakari-Elliott, had two homes for years, one in Beijing and one in Helsinki. In Beijing, Liisa worked as a restaurateur in the 90's and hosted Western guests at her Mexican Wave restaurant.

After a divorce, Liisa moved permanently to Finland with her son Henry in the early 2000s. Initially, the entrepreneurial single mother sold, among other things, cashmere and furniture. In addition to these however, people's attention was often drawn to her own pearl jewelry, and eventually she decided to take up the challenge and House of Elliott took it's first step.

I fell in love with pearls. I acquired all possible knowledge of them and made acquaintances with experts in the field, from whom I learned a great deal. After returning to Finland, I founded House of Elliott. I decided to bring luxurious but also affordable pearl jewelry to women's lives to wear as part of their dressing..

Liisa Rantakari-Elliott



Nowadays, my main job is designing jewelry and organizing events. As a counterbalance to design, I want to be in contact with jewelry users, to hear comments and wishes. At the same time, I get new ideas and inspiration to develop our collection. I myself am social and I enjoy organizing events and creating a beautiful atmosphere at our showroom.

Liisa Rantakari-Elliott

Together as a family