House of Elliott is a Finnish family company that designs and imports pearl jewelry. Our collection is designed in Finland and manufactured ethically in Beijing and Hong Kong.

We choose pearls and other jewelry materials ourselves to guarantee the highest possible quality. Our selection consists of classic designs with a modern twist.

For years, the founder of House of Elliott, Liisa, had two homes, one in Beijing and one in Helsinki. In Beijing, Liisa worked as a restaurateur and hosted Western guests at her Mexican Wave restaurant. Whenever she arrived in Finland, Liisa wore pearl jewelry that was also of interest to her close circle. Over the years, interest in pearl jewelry brought by Liisa expanded beyond the close circle and House of Elliott thus took its first step.


Our designs are stylish and elegant, classic pearl jewelry with a modern twist. We design jewelry for both everyday and festive occasions. All pearl necklaces are tied by hand. We choose the cultured pearls and semi-precious stones used in our jewelry ourselves.


Liisa Rantakari-Elliott and her son Henry Elliott run the businesses together. Liisa is the company's CEO and jewelry designer, and Henry is responsible for the company's day-to-day operations, sales and collection design.


We have carefully selected the manufacturers and suppliers of our products. Our partners are sole proprietors whose operations are transparent and ethical. We avoid mass-produced pearls and other environmentally harmful materials.

Our services


We can repair your old jewelry or make changes to your old jewelry, such as adding materials or changing their length.

You can design your own jewelry with us. You can choose the materials and design used in your jewelry. We also manufacture custom-made work e.g. engagement rings and other diamond jewelry.

We organize many events and private shopping moments for groups and our regular customers in our showroom in Kruununhaka, Helsinki.