White face mask with sequins

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The washable mask acts as a stylish accessory. This face mask is not a personal protective equipment or surgical mouth-nose protection. This mask does not have a CE mark. The face mask does not protect against the coronavirus, but protects other people from the drops that spread through your breath.

Wash the mask before first use

After use, the face mask is removed and cleansed

Wash the mask by hand or in the washing machine in a separate laundry bag at 60 degrees.

Do not use the mask if it is damp

When using, only touch the loops of the mask

Take off the mask if you have difficulty breathing

Materials: Polyester, elastane and plastic pearl imitations.

The color of the face mask may fade after several washes. The decorations of the face mask may come off during washing if it is not washed gently.

The face mask is a hygiene product and cannot be returned.

Product origin: China

1. Wipe the pearls with a clean dry cloth after use. This prevents any oil or other dirt to remain on its surface.

2. Visibly dirty pearls can be wiped with a damp cloth and diluted dishwashing detergent.

3. If the thread gets wet during cleaning, allow it to dry. This way the silk thread used in the jewelry does not suffer.

4. Occasionally take the jewelry to a manufacturer if you notice any wear on the beads or if the thread appears loose.

5. Dress them last, remove them first. Store pearls far away from cosmetic products containing alcohol.

6. Store the jewelry in a bag in a dry place. The bag protects the beads from scratching. Do not store the jewelry in a standing holder, it will tear the silk thread.

7. Beads love moisture so use them as often as possible. The surface of the pearl remains beautiful this way.

8. Remember that the surface of the pearl is very delicate. Avoid solvents and other strong substances.

Our jewelry is designed in Finland, in Kruununhaka, Helsinki. The head designer of our jewelry is Liisa Rantakari-Elliott, CEO of House of Elliott. The models are also designed by Henry Elliott, Liisa's son. The frames and materials used in our jewelery are chosen together by us and our jewelery manufacturer. The majority of our jewelry is made by one jewelry manufacturer and pearl expert in Beijing whoi has been making our jewelry for 20 years. Our jewelry is manufactured by a total of four jewelry manufacturers and entrepreneurs in Beijing.
In our selection you will find unique, trendy and classic models. Our unique designs are the result of the imagination of our head designer and are characterized by versatile materials and colors as well as personal design. Our classic designs are often universal classics such as pearl stud earrings or simple pearl necklaces. Our trendy models are inspired by global trends and designs.
We choose the materials used in our jewelry ourselves, this way we can guarantee the best quality and value for money. The metal parts of the jewelry are either silver or plated brass. In gold-plated jewelry, we often use 14k gold plating. No impure alloys or nickel are used in the jewelry.